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How to Hook Up a 3 Point Hitch eHow I bought this for a subcompact tractor and the pins are to far apart and it didn't lift high enough. A three-point hitch is the style of linkage used on large farm tractors to attach equipment to the back end. As the name signifies, the hitch attaches to the tractor at three points the top center, lower left and lower right. Back the tractor up to the farm implement. The tractor needs to be.

Hooking up a Three Point Implement - YouTube The 3pt hitches and 3pt hitch accessories allow you to move equipment around in between hooking up your pto shaft equipment for use. This is one of the first in the Tractor Mike YouTube video series and by far my most-popular video, and you'll see me try to hook up a three point tiller, without the use of extendable lower link.

Point Implements It's pretty well-known that attachments that can apply big forces to the tractor can wreck the tractor. The top link will have a pin that goes through and you put a clip in end of it too. I went slow with the tractor and took my time, I am sure if you haul a$$ while using it is not going to hold up. The only issue is I wish it was a little bit heavier. My 3 point hitch had trouble dropping it while the hydraulic fluid was cold. Once the fluid heated up, it dropped without issues.

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